Welcome to Clan Lord Net

First off a big thank you to Lilit for giving me the domain all those long months ago. And a big thank you to the people who have been using the button on the footer to donate directly to my hosting provider which offsets my hosting fees!

Yet another few sites run by the esteemed Gil Galad are now available on clanlord.net: The Pirates of Lok’Groton is up and running, and Ranger Studies is up thanks to Gil. This is in addition to Org Du Lac’s Bestiary & The CLUMP, The Clan Lord Unofficial Manual Project. Wow, this is starting to look like a real site, and that thoom below couldn’t be happier!⋯

Server Space for CL sites

If you have a CL related project you are paying a hosting company for, or have a free provider that inserts ads into your site in exchange for space and would like to either stop paying or not have ads. spamming your site. Contact me, and I will set you up with an account free of ads and payment (unless you felt like donating a bit to offset fees). Any Delta Tao Clan Lord player (or GM) in good standing may request space on this site to put Clan Lord related content, at no cost (unless you want a subdomain that uses a static IP for SSL). Contact the Sheriff in Puddleby or on discord for details.

That’s cool, but this is cooler

So, Gil and Org decided to work together as you may know and having access to the same pool of info was fairly easy to implement considering they are sharing server space. This was a great idea, and I wish I could see more projects like this here. Basically Gil’s Ranger studies DB draws from Org’s bestiary DB. There were a few hiccups thanks to me not understanding how this particular host handles user permissions in shared DBs. But they were fairly quickly ironed out. I apologize to anyone that had a problem updating their stats for a day or two. It was completely my fault, and not at all any of Gil’s responsibility. I am used to more flexible user management systems in DBs. So, this was a learning experience, only slightly painful.

Thoomi says, “Thx seksi peeps! GK! GK!”

He‘s Seksi and he knows it!

He’s Seksi & He Knows It

Wait for the wiggle…