Welcome to Clan Lord Net

Thank you to Lilit for giving me clanlord.net all those long years ago. Let’s Encrypt (https://letsencrypt.org) has started issuing free SSL certs — meaning any subdomains can get login security for nothing now, but there’s been issues with some browsers reporting potential security issues.

Bestiary & Ranger Studies Integration

Gil and Org decided to work together to share creature data. This pool allowed them to focus on their interest. This was a great idea, and I wish I could see more projects like this here. Basically Gil’s Ranger studies creature information is retrieved from Org’s bestiary database.

Need a Host for Your CL Related Site?

If you have a CL related project where you are either paying a hosting company for, or have a free provider that inserts ads into your site in exchange for space and would like to either stop paying or not have advertisements spamming your site, contact Noi, and he will set you up with an account free of ads and payment (unless you felt like donating a bit to offset hosting fees). Any Delta Tao Clan Lord player (or GM) in good standing may request space on this site to put Clan Lord related content, at no cost (the exception is for a subdomain that uses an SSL certificate because SSL certs are not free). Contact the Sheriff in Puddleby or on the Sentinel for details.

email and XMPP instant messaging

email accounts and XMPP instant message account with the “clanlord.net” domain are available to any player in good standing (pretty much everyone left) to allow people to separate their CL mail and regular email. XMPP is a more modern, open source IM platform not tied to a service nor company that is probably data mining your info. XMPP allows anyone with an XMPP account tied to any domain in the world to instant message (text/chat) with people regardless of platform (OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android), client or domain, much like email addresses allow people to send email between networks. Read more about why it’s a good idea to use XMPP even when there are plenty of chat clients run by large commercial entities?

If you only want an email or XMPP account & wish to remain anonymous, message me on the Sentinel & I can deliver details via Puddleby post or the Sentinel. Use any accounts given responsibly & Puddlebians can keep them as long as I host this domain.

Thoomi used his influence as the premiere seksi and placed an ad here: “ThoomCare™—ThoomCare™—ThoomCare™, Ba-ba-booey, ThoomCare™! Waaahhhoooo!” (this is the only advertisement you will probably ever see here)

He‘s Seksi and he knows it!

He’s Seksi & He Knows It

Wait for the wiggle…