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This section is for CL related links. Please add links (or send in links to add) for your or other’s CL content


Delta Tao (The makers of Clan Lord):

The Sentinel: Clan Lord's Discussion Forum:

ThoomCare Media Network “Still Thoomin’ after all these years!” — Clan Lord News:

Ayelwen’s CL Calendar (Current as of 3/2017)

CLUMP Feedback on the Sentinel:

Rank Tracker by Ruuk (new as of 11/2015)


Clan Lord Centralised Map Repository by Fundin

Trymon’s Map of Lugubrion’s Keep

Maps by Drablak and others:

Azriel’s Maps


Clan Lord Artwork Tutorial How to make art for use in CL:


Drablak’s Hideaway (Various content Main landing page)

Drablak's New Exile Guides:

Drablak's Ranks & trainer message translation:

Org Du Lac's Bestiary: A list of all the creatures in the game.

The Pirates of Lok'Groton by Gil Galad

Destian’s Guide to CL Pets

The Puddleopedia — History, Information and More about Clan Lord (currently broken):

CL Ranger Bestiary: Stats for all your favorite morphs

Orga by Sednarb

Winds of Dawn's Exile Guides: (for new exiles)

Winds of Dawn Links:

The Clan Lord Bard's Guild:

Farhope's List of Exile Trainers:

Kerrah's Ledger Holder Directory

Clan Lord Related Applications

  • iClan an application for monitoring who's in the world while you are offline, also announces /status messages using OS X's built in Text-to-Speech.
  • Kinon made Clanning and has since stopped maintaining it. It is now on only available on GitHub. However, it needs to be updated for Mavericks and up (see this note on the Sentinel. It is another Mac App for monitoring who is currently clanning.
  • Also from Skirwan is Stylunk a CL clothing dye computing program that lets you mix dyes on clothing to see what colors you can get.
  • NEW from Skirwan is Web Stylunk (Beta).
  • mTooth a Clan lord application for writing music in Clan Lord Tune Format.
  • Tune Helper 2.0 is like mTooth, for writing song in CL tune format as well, but recently updated. (direct download)
  • Daytime Calculator is a tool that shows you the current ingame time, season, zodiac, moon phase and even the length of day/night. You can also create timestamps for a sheduled hunt and don't have to care about problems with time zones as everyone who clicks on the link then can set their own timezone to see their local hunting start time. See the explanation on the page as well.

Bard Sites

  • Baraboo's CL Music Notation site is a page that explains how to compose music for play in Clan Lord.
  • Rakster is a repository of the music written by bards in Puddleby. It goes nicely with mTooth and the CLTune Helper.

Dead Sites

These sites are no longer actively maintained because the player/s who made them have moved on. However there is still some good information at these sites, and they are worth a look. Note: requirement to play Clan Lord change. See Delta Tao's Clan Lord web site above for the current requirements.

Clan Lord FAQ:

Better Living Through Fast Feet: (aka the Art of Running)

Braveheart's Clan Lord Guide:


The CLUMP’s Macro Section

Delta Tao's Clan Lord Macro Instructions:

Direct link to the Official Macro Manual

Drablak's Macro Instructions:

Better Living's Macro Language Reference:

Macro Sites

Slyph's Macro Generator (write a Cad/Merc Staff Macro or a SunGem macro for you):

Noivad’s Quik’NDirtyMFMacro Make a custom Auto self-heal, Cad, Aura, and Cad List, Macro (ALPHA)

Gil-Galad's CL Macros Site: A new macro depository

Gorvin's CL Macros Page (Here you can get the latest versions of /sharecads and the right-clicker macro {staples in the community}.)

For Fun

Lil' Noivad

Lil' Daimoth

L.A. Inquirer


Azriel's Scroll-Spot

Cammie in Exile

Creed's Screed

Drablak’s Journal: Thoomings

Eden, The Warrior Thooming

Eirian Caldwell, an Impulsive Fen



Iriel Red: Myrmfodder

Jeanne & Moon Kitty's Journal

Kisa's Sketchbook

Largo: Long Live the Largocracy

Lily Fren: Lily’s Memoirs



Nekko No Kessha {Clan}

NoiVad: The Chronicles of NoiVad

Order of the White Elephant {Clan}


ser Slyph, the Foxweir Knight

Trymon's Tome

GM Journals

Slarty Spoils Clan Lord

Joe Delta - Joe’s rambling thoughts about life, games, movies, and Macintosh

Yappy’s Blog: Yap Yap Yap: Barkings From an Associate Game Designer