Quick ’N Dirty Cad Macro Builder v.Meh

This is the web version of my moonstone functions macro for Clan Lord. This macro allows you to control all your healing needs with clicks and FKeys—clicks to self-heal, heal others, aura heal & more are available.

This macro is thanks to the work and input of many people. In fact, setting people to assigned Fkeys to heal them was a suggestion of Talin. I improved on it by making the first click when unassigned & shift-Fkey assign/reassign them. Just check out the variables you can set for an idea of what it can do. Thoomi uses it in conjunction of Right-Clicker 2, by Gorvin, and a custom RC2 set to compensate for his relatively low level of ranks compared to most his age.

Here is Thoomi’s custom set for this macro. Thoomis set works with RC2, available here. I intend to add a custom RC2 set generator eventually. Gorvin gave me permission to do this years ago, I just never got around to it.

If you don’t know what Clan Lord is, then this is pretty useless to you. Going forward feature additions an refinements will be available here.

This quick n dirty version allows you to roll your own version using your preferred triggers. My Defaults are listed with the exception of my weapon of choice and my right-click. Please make sure to use click2 for Windows or control-click for Mac if you are using a default setup with a 2 or more button mouse.

This Moonstone Functions Macro Builder started out as a macro by Tarf, and had additions from Urgelt, Talin, Thoomilicious & others. It has been tested with the assistance of Boo Boo Kitty & Omega just (9/22/15) caught a typo (It’s /shareware /action winks). Assuming everything is filled out properly it should work. So, make sure to spell items correctly (like I should have the first go round). I have yet to test this macro generator fully, but the macro itself is sound, and all functions work as expected in limited testing. If file generation fails, you will have to copy and paste the output… (Hey this entire thing took, like, an hour, so sue me — No, don’t. The usual disclaimer applies: this macro comes with no warranty. Use at your own risk!)