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J'nder the Healer

Interviewed on Fordi, day 84 of Autumn, 551

Jnder kindly stepped forward and let me interview her about her life in Puddleby and some of the things which have changed over the course of history. Below is a transcribed shorter version of the main interview which you can watch as a vision stone by downloading it from below.

The Interview

Hi Jnder, and welcome to Puddleby Historical Project interview. Thank you for agreeing to take part and enlighten us on some aspects of your life and life in Puddleby nearer its founding.

I’ll lead you through a series of questions and let you answer them as you see fit, please feel free not to answer any you don’t want to.

I think most of Puddleby knows you and has met you at one time or another, being one of our oldest exiles.

What made you chose to become a healer when you were first exiled?
My mother was a healer back on the mainland and J’jh & I had trained as healers before our exile. It seemed best to continue as a healer. I had no desire to be a fighter.

Can you remember exactly how long ago you were exiled?
Gosh, some time before the Ripture wars. I used an alias then, was a very scary time.

Jnder that an unual name where did that come from?
The “Jer” is our family name. All daughters take the “Jer” prefix.

Is j’dy related?
Shes a cousin

I think most people know Jjh is your sister, were you exiled together?
No, we were captured together, then separated. We arrived in Puddleby at different times. Then one day in east field I heard a familiar shout, and we were re-united.

Well lets move onto the main topic of discussion.
Fundin ponders, "Life as Healer back in the 'older' days :D"

So jnder my first question would be when exactly did you pass your 4 • test?
I passed on the 78th day of Spring in the year 535. I remember it well!
Fundin ponders, "thats a long time ago!"

Was it something you were actively training for?
Oh yes. Axell & I spent a lot of time training, comparing notes and trying to pass the test. It was at the same time as when there was a growing awareness of how important spiritus was as a trainer, although Angel had been telling us that for years.

You were the first to pass, but I presume there were others close behind, can you remember any of them?
Oh I wasn’t the first! Puffy was the first!. She passed third and fourth on the same day! She’d got her 100th Spiritus training and her speed was incredible!. Degu then got his 100th Spiritus training and passed as well. At the next Chaos storm Spiritus had forgotten how to train this speed, although Puffy & Degu retained their 4th circle status. Axell was the first to pass without the Spiritus bonus, I passed a month of so after her.

"It seems a credit to your craft that most of those exiles are still in the lands :D"

How did you feel when passed?
I was overjoyed, I can remember just running around the town centre just shouting for joy!

Being first in the 4 • healer room you must have met the new trainers, who was there when you passed?
The only one there was Virgil. We’d heard rumours about what he trained and that was confirmed when Puffy & Degu passed.

Having passed 4 • test were you surprised not to see any 5 • test?
Not really. At that time there weren’t even 3rd & 4th tests for fighters let alone 5th & 6th!

Would you like to see more tests for healers, or are you happy with the one we have?
I’d like to see more tests, it’d give one something to aim at.

Now were going to step back in time a bit to when you passed 4 • and what life was like then.

How has life for the healer changed since the early days?
There was much more rescue work. We got used a “bricks” a lot as well. In those days a Zerk could terrify the entire town for ages. Greymyrs used to get lost and wander into town. It was a healer job to lure them back to the passes. That was something my husband, Magnels, used to do on a regular basis.

Fundin ponders, "Ah Magnels, is he still in the lands?"
J'nder says, "Aye he is"

What trainers were available then?
Mostly the same as now.

Can you remember when other trainers appeared?
I remember Horus appearing. He got lost and ended up in OC, the whole town turned out to rescue him. He was so grateful!

We’ve all benefited from the older exiles research and knowledge, how did you go about this back then? How did you know what to train to be a rod or how much horus was useful?
Mostly we had to guess. Healery did lots of research. That was always useful. Otherwise was mostly done by observation and comparing notes with other healers.

Papa Thoom did lots of the early Horus research, and Merlisk was the original Horus stud! Horus was a terrible trainer at first. His lessons had no effect.

I remember trying to raise Algernon with several other healers. Horus came out of the healer hall to help. He swaggered over and said “Leave this to me”. You can imagine what his face was like when nothing happened. No healer glow, no “wub wub”. “Oh” he said “My lessons aren’t working”. He had to run off and “fix” them. =)

Moving back to present day.

What do you think would improve a healer life in puddleby? More equipment? Trainers?
More fighters & Mystic to heal … and …and more tea! Preferably a tea shop!
something like a distance burst heal, that targets multiple people.

How does it feel to be one of the oldest, and probably one of the strongest, if that’s the right word, healer in puddleby?
Tiring! =). It’s nice to be asked advice and give pointers. I like to think that others will benefit from learning with me.

Well that rounds up my interview, thank you very much for your time.

Vision Stone of Interview

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