Whats this about?

Im organising a series of trips over the coming months/years to various areas, but mainly the Foothills and the nearby areas.

These trips times are currently best for Euro clanners and for those elsewhere who dont work in the daytime. This is because im a Euro clanner and Yor is free at these times which make it a great setup for us. Im afraid thats why i set them up so that me and my friends could go along at a time good for us :-)

I know some exiles wanted weekend trips so, Elenis has kindly offered to lead a weekend Foothills trip at a time that most people should be able to make. More details soon.

I have a list of exiles i mail so they know the next trip date, please email me (you need to remove part of this address) or talk to me in Puddleby if your interested in going or want mailing with dates. It not that we wont let you come if you dont mail me, its just nice to have some idea of numbers before we go :-)

Whens the next trip?