Useful Trip Info for Novices and Experts alike!

I have detailed some info that might be useful for exiles who havent been here before/often. Please take time to read and digest these if your not a Foothills regular.

The best place to read about a Foothills trip with hint and tips is at the Winds of Dawn. Please pay special attention to the Pitch cave section.

Some other simple rules:

  • Always follow the designated leaders orders, he calls the shots for a reason.
  • If you fall of a snell, stay put dont try to find your way back. Sunstone the leader to let him know asap. Even if your going to fall still stay on the snell, especially in the Orga Outback.
  • Fighting in certain areas might be forbidden. This is because we are trying to make good time to the area we want to be. Fighting critters on the way only slows us down and means less time at the main area we are heading for. You'll be told were not too fight.
  • Kudzu, chains and red healing potions are welcome and often used on a trip.
  • When we are clearing areas, especially with alot of lighting try not to get caught by it, obvious i know but horus can be low on these trips and getting fried by all the bolts on the screen aint gonna help you or us.
  • These trips can sometime ;-) end in a depart, if you not prepared to depart please dont come.
  • Sometimes we cant wait for tagging and just need to kill asap. Dont be upset if you dont get to tag everything you see.
  • Pitch cave noids, especially Crimson, Albino & Pitch need some serious Aktus to hit well 500+ so if you dont BB, Fell or havent been boosted dont try to fight them, you'll only get in the way of those fighters who might hit and these Noids need to be taken down fast.
  • Above all common sense is the key, use that and you'll get on fine.
  • Please read my rant on Foothills Trip 2 as theres some information everyone needs to read on that aswell.

    The strategy we used today for recovering folks from the pitch den that worked well was a 2 pronged chainer strategy. We'd assign one runner and 2 chainers- one chainer assigned to trend southwards, the other to trend northwards. That keeps them from running into each other. Chainers enter 3-5 sec after runner, who typically runs counterclockwise trending south, so when they fall they might have a chance of recovery. The objective is for at least one chainer to make it back with fallens on chain, and for the other chainer to at least get their fallens close to the entrance for the next run (since typically the entrance clogs after the first chainer exits anyhow).

An Exiles Essential Foothills Travel Pack

Useful Items to have Description - as if i needed to!
Kudzu Useful for blocking the Noids and setting up forts.
Red Healing Potions Used to raise fighters who are too fallen to be healed, basically moving up their status of fallen based on their histia. There is no potion for healers as yet (grrr, one of my pet hates)
Chains Used to chain exiles ;-) however you CAN'T chain through the webs, and running through them slows you down.
Energy Potion A useful tool if your thinking of running for the Pathfinder book. It only adds a little to the speed you run but everything helps!
Bitter berries If we're porting from somewhere where it hard to fall then these are useful, and a real time saver to make you fall.
Stout Chain Found on a new type of Orga, we have no idea if it will function any different to the other chain. Time will tell.


The route we will be trying to go, depending on events and pf is:
Snaggy > Hatreds Hollow > Orga Outback > Dreadlock Passage > Foothills > Dredwood > New Noids > Pitch Cavern

Here are some map links you might find useful. Maps to PITCH CAVE 1-9 are here

Maps on our route Description
Snagglewood The way to Wishers through the Orga Camp. (Tonoto)
Hatreds Hollow A small map, part of the bigger Snagglewood version. (Tonoto)
Hatreds Hollow Hatreds hollow with tactics. (PH2ETA)
Orga Outback The Orga Outback, a tricky place to navigate. (Lorikeet)
Dread Passage Need i say more! a way through to the Foothills that we'd rather not use... (P.B.I)

Foothills large

Foothills small

A hand drawn map of the foothills. (Entil'Zha)
Dread Wood The way from the Foothills to the Noids. (Sor)
New Noids Part maps of Foothills and Malachite lairs. Could do with a bigger more detailed on if anyone has one. (Callus)
Pitch Cave 1st snell A Map of this area. (Yor)
Other useful maps Description
Orga Village  
Pitch Cave Strategy One of Yors ideas for taking the pitch cave. This is worth looking at so you see the layout of the cave.

I have taken the maps from other exiles sites and added them to my own. I did this because one of my links died as the site went offline and i lost the map. I dont want to lose anymore links so i'll be keeping the maps as part of my site, with the creator names next to them.

I really need other maps, anyone with more maps please let me know, email me (you need to remove part of this address) or talk to me in Puddleby.