Pitch Cave/Foothills Trip
Tuesday 16th December 2003

Hunt Information

Another hunt to the Foothills will take place, led by Yor.

I'll be organising and recruiting, he'll be leading, as before. Please feel free to tell other exiles who'd like to come, there wont be any restrictions on exiles.

We WILL NOT be going to the pitch cave or trying for the PF book. Im giving it a rest till after Xmas as it was getting a bit repetative. We will instead be touring all the Foothills looking for new areas and PF stuff, so bring your full pf's so we can explore and hunt :-)


Pre Hunt Information

I have a list of exiles i mail so they know the next trip date, please email me (you need to remove part of this address) or talk to me in Puddleby if your interested in going or want mailing with dates. It not that we wont let you come if you dont mail me, its just nice to have some idea of numbers before we go so we can plan :-)

Please read through the site, especially the information section as it has some good stuff there for all exiles.


Hunt Times

This will take place on Tuesday 16th December 2003. We will meet in the town centre 10 mins beforehand, leaving as promptly as we can. (this might change so please hang around town until i ss).

We will be meeting at:
CET (Central European Time) (+1)
1:30pm EST
(Eastern Standard Time) (-5)
12:30pm CST
(Central Standard Time) (-6)
10:30am PST
(Pacific Standard Time) (-8)

Length of Trips

It could take anywhere from 2 - 4 OOC hrs. It depends on whether we can teleport in and how busy each snell is ;-) We won't be taking the portal.

Other Information

Please bring usual, chains, RHP, Zu etc.